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[...] Klaas Hübner is as much of an engineer, or perhaps toymaker as he is a composer. Sog collects several recordings made between 2013 - 2016 in Zürich, Berlin, and New Orleans, each of which is pretty wildly different, utilising custom made instrumentation that ranges from whirly tubes and ceiling fans to cassette tapes and chunks of styrofoam. The common feature is a chant like quality, and straight from the get go on ‘single tube’, Hübner whirls a plastic tube over his head creating a simple (and surprisingly melodic) composition. The crisscrossing ticking of metronomes, industrial hiss and crackle of tape loops, and gong like tones of springs attached to styrofoam all make an appearance, but the drone of the whirly tubes is Hübner’s most compelling tool, appearing on two other extended pieces, the latter of which utilises a specially built 10m tall tower fitted with huge fans and tubing.[...] but for the most part both Tompkins, like Hübner, sound precisely like nothing else. Totally strange, and even more brilliant

The Quietus,
Tristan Bath

[…] Who knew that such beauty could come from something so seemingly maudlin and soulless?[…] the three-part “schwarzwald” offers tape manipulation reminiscent of an unhinged Kid Koala, complete with whistles and warbles, scratches and screams.[…] the combination of story, sight and sound presented here is extremely compelling.

a closer listen,
Richard Allen

He also built the tallest and most elegantly shaped of the five constructions [...]The two-story sculpture [...] produces eerily wonderful sounds through an ingenious blend of spinning ceiling fans and loosely wound plastic plumbing pipe. Imagine the voices of tattooed angels emerging from a castle tower.                                                       
Washington Times,
Doug MacCash